How to Make the Most of Creepy World VR

Are you eager to experience virtual reality but don’t want to invest in an expensive headset? This article is here to guide you on how to maximize your experience with Creepy World VR.

Creepy World VR is designed for complete immersion. You can enjoy our virtual tours on various devices, including smartphones, iPads, PCs, or MacBooks. Any mobile device equipped with a gyroscope is compatible. For the ultimate experience, step into virtual reality mode, which will transport you directly into the heart of the experience.

Virtual reality doesn’t have to break the bank. Any Android phone paired with an affordable $8 Google Cardboard headset will suffice. You may need to download the Google Cardboard app (unfortunately, it’s no longer available for iPhones). Open the virtual tour in your browser and tap on this symbol

You’ll then see this.

Insert your phone into the goggles, and you’re ready to navigate in full virtual reality. We recommend watching YouTube tutorials for further guidance.

**Warning:** While cell phones work fine, they lack a guardian system. After about 20 seconds of immersion, your brain might forget you’re not actually there, leading to some unintentional encounters with walls. The best practice is to sit in a rotating chair.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Merge Headset, which is more durable and comfortable than Google Cardboard and offers easier navigation. Merge provides a comprehensive VR and AR educational experience for students and offers numerous additional tools.

There are various other headsets available, but ensure they are compatible with your phone, especially if you have a newer, larger model.

The Meta Quest 2 & 3:

For the ultimate virtual reality experience, we recommend dedicated VR devices. The following instructions apply to the Meta Quest but are generally applicable to most commercial VR devices.

In your Quest headset, open in your browser. Select the tour you’d like to experience and follow the same instructions as for a smartphone (click the VR symbol). It’s that simple! To exit a tour, press the “B” button on the controller twice, and you’ll return to the browser page.

Group Experiences:

In early 2024, Creepy World VR will introduce group experiences. This allows for virtual class field trips without leaving the classroom and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, even on rain or snow days. This feature will require a subscription and offers additional features. Teachers or instructors will have control over the group experience, which can be accessed on computers, cell phones, iPads, or in full virtual reality. One person will be able to guide the entire group through the experience.

Stay tuned for instructions on how to best utilize this feature. Remember, entomology is a gateway science, and this experience can inspire curiosity in various scientific fields.

Interested in booking this for your school or institution? Contact us today, and we’ll notify you when it’s ready EMAIL US.

The future of Creepy World VR™ is a journey of improvement and expansion. Soon, the outdoor tour will also be available in group format, featuring insects, reptiles, mammals, birds, plants, fungi, and even animal sounds. With the addition of AI capabilities, our tours will become multilingual, allowing global accessibility.

Welcome to the future of science education!